Theme Groups


Transcultural care

Receiving health care that is respectful, thoughtful, compassionate, holistic and individualized is arguably central to any patient's experience. Such an approach needs to be core to all caring practices, not least within societies becoming increasingly culturally diverse. With increased levels of global migration, including the European Union's active promotion of free movement of citizens across its member countries, health care providers need new skills in the area of care giving.

Within the area of cultural care the theme aims to explore the experiences of giving and receiving care in relation to cultural values and beliefs. Based on values such as humanisation we believe a life-world perspective will provide directions for care for all individuals. We also believe that such a perspective will help practitioners develop their caring practices and educationalists the theory to support them.



Pranee C. Lundberg

Title: RNM, PhD, Associate Professor


John Albarran

Title: Dr


Elizabeth A Rosser

Title: Professor


Lisbeth Uhrenfeldt

Title: Assistent professor