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Public Health and Wellbeing

The members of this theme have a focus on the promotion of health and wellbeing; with individuals, communities and across populations particularly in relation to the reduction of inequities in health and wellbeing.

The members of the theme are exploring a unique alternative way of considering human beings in their lifeworld and how this alternative view may enhance public health action.

This view emerges from the work of Husserl who suggested that any human view of the world without subjectivity has lost its basic foundation. The phenomenological understanding of lifeworld is articulated through five elements; temporality, spaciality, intersubjectivity, embodiment and mood. A world of colours, sparkling stars, memories, happiness, joy, passion, anger and sadness. The theme members believe that this lifeworld, or human assets should form the basis for developing, through multi-agency collaboration, needs assessment and public health action focused on the reduction of inequity.

Key words: Lifeworld, Well-being, Inequity, Public health



Ann Hemingway

Title: Public Health Lead for Research and Enterprise


Birgitta Edlund

Title: RNT, PhD, Associate professor


Clara Aarts

Title: RN, RCN, PhD


Elizabeth Liz Norton

Title: Senior Lecturer