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Life-world led value-based leadership

This theme within EACS is focusing on the nature and sustainability of leadership in life-world led care. It takes a broad human-oriented view of human beings involved in and leading caring work practices. Ethical discernment and actions that are informed by life-world led care are inherent within value-based leadership.

The theme has been developed from empirical studies of leadership in caring science and other research areas, as well as by the need for human-oriented leadership articulated through life-world research.

What are the key components of life-world led value-based leadership? The answers to this question are being continuously explored by the members in EACS. The following points describe some basic fundamental components are identified so far:

  • "Leadership based on the philosophy of caring science which creates the basic conditions for relationships and human-to-human communication to flourish.
  • "Leadership that enables the translation of values and qualities from life-world caring science into improvements in caring work practices.
  • "Leadership that organizes collaborations in caring practice by ensuring shared values to develop processes of care.
  • "Leadership that handles conflicting values and is able to communicate with professionals, administrators and strategic management.

How can we support and sustain a life-world led value-based leadership? The following qualities seem important for sustainable life-world led value-based leadership practice: Trust, support, ethical interactions with superiors, colleagues and employees; valuable exchanges and reflections on situational experiences and dilemmas; and an enriching daily life in and out of work.