Margaretha Ekebergh

Email: Margaretha Ekebergh
Telephone: +46 732305949
University: Högskolan i Borås

Professor in Health Care Science

RN, Lecturer in health care, Researcher in caring science didactics, Professor

Learning support and strategies within the contexts of caring, health care and nursing

Professor and academic leader of a Research and Educational Centre with focus on lifeworld]led Education within Caring Science. This includes issues related to both the subject of health care (caring) and education.

Teaching interests related to Caring Science

Caring Science and its ontological and epistemological foundation,Core]concepts of Caring Science, Caring Science transformed to Nursing, Reflection as learning support, Models of Supervision based in lifeworld and caring science, qualitative methodologies for Health Care studies

Research interests related to Caring Science

Lifeworld-led Education within Health Care and Nursing, which includes issues about developing Health Care and Nursing. Beside this it includes dissemination of knowledge grounded in Caring Science and research outcomes within Heath Care.

Margaretha's research focus is on the intertwining process of caring theory and caring praxis with the learner's lifeworld. An overall theme is, Creating innovative environments that bridging the theory - practice gap: the interaction between caring and learning. Studies of an innovative nature are carried out with the aim of testing and further development of a model for learning support in the caring context. This research includes studies of different didactic ideas and strategies for the learning process of caring science knowledge in theory and praxis. This also includes how the caring science becomes visible in approach, language and actions in the practical caring context. The research is aimed at both nursing students and registered nurses working in the field. She has published several articles and made conference presentations on the theme of interaction between theory and practice in caring and nursing. In addition to that she has published a considerable amount of research reports and textbooks within this area.

Current research project: The intertwining process of caring and learning in DEU:s units. The project is carrying through in DEU unites in psychiatric care and orthopaedic care. The project involves two doctoral students' thesis.

  • Editorial Board member for the journal of Reflective Practice
  • Editorial Board for the Journal; Clinical Nursing Studies
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