Les Todres

Email: Les Todres
Telephone: +441202962169
University: Bournemouth University

Professor of Qualitative Research

Clinical Psychologist

Humanising Care, Lifeworld-led Care, Philosophy of Well-being,Phenomenology, Embodied Interpretation

  • Director of Centre for Qualitative Research PhD Supervisor
Teaching interests related to Caring Science

Qualitative Research, Phenomenology, Health-related Humanities, Philosophy of Health, Mental Health, Psychotherapy.

Research interests related to Caring Science

Lifeworld-led Care and Education Theories of Well-being

  • External examiner for Advanced Diploma in Existential Therapy
  • Co-founder of the Centre for Qualitative Research
  • Editorial Board member for the Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology, Phenomenology & Practice, International Journal of Qualitative studies on Health and Well-being, Existential Analysis
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