Defining Characteristics

Caring Science refers to the systematic study of aspect(s) of the ‘caring’ phenomena as applied to the human perspective. It has been identified as a distinct field of study in its own right and is well established within Scandinavian countries, particularly related to nursing.

Whilst Caring Science is grounded in the discipline of nursing it is informed by several related fields (e.g. philosophy, ethics, women/feminist studies, theology, education and complementary medicine, health and healing). It is now felt that the time is right to open the thinking underpinning the domain to other health professionals and identify common ground in the spirit of interprofessional collaboration.

In the context of the EACS, it is proposed that caring practices are deemed to be those activities that health professionals ‘do’ in their working lives to promote the wellbeing of others. The Academy therefore intends to widen the debate and discovery of the diversity of caring practices by including a range of healthcare professionals. The foci will be on two aspects; the relationship between health professionals and their patient/clients and between themselves as persons and as professionals.

Through the collaborations within the EACS, it is hoped to bring discussions and debate to a new dimension. This will be through identifying commonalities and differences across the professional groups and, through scholarship, develop our thinking from a European perspective to enrich our practice by capturing our distinct European, professional and cultural dimensions.

In the pursuance of synthesising knowledge and understanding of Caring Science from both interprofessional and intercultural perspectives, the Academy aims to consolidate the body of knowledge in the domain and contribute to a wider global and international fusion of perspectives and theoretical positions.